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Very ill, hungry, scared, and almost homeless

Poohybear started this conversation

Dear Angels,

Iam a forty-four year old, divorced woman who was laid off a great job in December, just after finding out that I needed surgery on my shoulder and feet to correct the very painful and debilitating causes of arthritis. I am currently working at a restaurant and have been actively seeking a position in my area of expertise for seven months now. My unemployment has run out, I was not able to pay my COBRA, so I have lost my health insurance. Since losing my health insurance, I am not able to get my necessary daily prescriptions. One of the effects of being without my medications has caused the return of my stomach ulcers, which I was just in the hospital for because they are bleeding. The two ways to combat my ulcers is by medication and eating - two things which I am not able to afford at this time. My apartment complex has filed for eviction and they are coming to repo my car - which is the means by which I go to work and make what little money I am able. Any type of advice and assistance would be greatly appreciated and repaid.

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PRAY! God will always provide for you.
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thanks for sharing this info
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B. L.
For future references, if you have stomach ulcers, cayenne pepper (in pill form/from the health food store) is known to cure them almost immediately. $10.00 per bottle- they call it "the miracle pill". (Hope you found the help you needed in the meantime.)
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